Technical details



Luxchat4Gov and Luxchat for the general public and businesses are interoperable national instant messaging services, based on the Matrix technology.

Matrix is an open standardized protocol for instant communication, developed by a large, mainly European community, and supported by a foundation, The Foundation, guaranteeing the sustainability of the key principles and foundations of the Matrix technology.

To guarantee the security of national communications within data centers in Luxembourg, technology such as Matrix, based on open standards as well as free software, allows complete national autonomy in terms of security and data management, while having openness and assured interoperability with any other Matrix-based system.

Luxchat4Gov and Luxchat for the general public and businesses are personalized applications, which development is based on a “fork” of the Element FOSS application

The decentralized national messaging services, Luxchat4Gov & Luxchat for the general public and businesses, operate in an interoperable manner thanks to “federation functionalities” (a system comparable to the functioning of email). This constitutes their DNA and guarantees the sovereignty of communications and user data.

Federation, like decentralization, are prerequisites for the establishment of national instant messaging services meeting the internal needs of State services as well as those of the general public and businesses. Each actor will retain their sphere of responsibility in terms of security and data management and will be subject to the same national rules and laws.

End-to-end encryption, the use of the matrix technology and decentralization allow Luxchat4Gov and Luxchat messaging to be operated with the highest level of security and trust.

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