The Luxchat for the general public and businesses ecosystem (Luxchat) is made up of several service providers offering the Luxchat instant messaging service, respecting and applying, among other things, the following technical, service and legal conditions:

  • Mandatory end-to-end encryption of messages;
  • IT infrastructure hosted and operated in Luxembourg;
  • Open communication between Luxchat service providers;
  • No advertising in the Application;
  • No monetization of user data.

Each service provider is free to provide a free or paid communication service for the general public and/or businesses, e.g. premium value-added service, with the aim of promoting innovation, creativity and the development of the ICT market.

Luxchat will provide the foundations for the development of new innovative services (free or paid) based on the trusted environment of the application and the national instant messaging ecosystem.

The user will be able to choose their Luxchat service provider in the “App” via a drop-down list.

More information on the technical part of Luxchat on the Technical details page.